2012 BOS-LA-NY Ride

BOS-LA-NY Ride (Boston to Los Angeles to New York, coast-to-coast ride) 7,000 miles in 30 days


Day 1 to Day 3 Boston, MA to Chicago, IL (983 miles)

Day 4 Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL (225 miles)

Day 5 Springfield, IL to St. Louis, MO (170 miles)

Day 6 St. Louis, MO to Springfield, MO (220 miles)

Day 7 Springfield, MO to Tulsa, OK (220 miles)

Day 8 Tulsa, OK to Clinton, OK (230 miles)

Day 9 Clinton, OK to Amarillo, TX (185 miles)

Day 10 Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM (300 miles)

Day 11 Albuquerque, NM to Flagstaff, AZ (365 miles)

Day 12 to Day 13 Grand Canyon, AZ

Day 14 Flagstaff, AZ to Needles, CA (180 miles)

Day 15 Needles, CA to Los Angeles, CA (330 miles)

Day 16 Los Angeles, CA

Day 17 to Day 28 Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY (3,400 miles)

Day 29 New York, NY to Boston, MA (220 miles)




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